Find out how the tongue moves inside the mouth when we speak

Have you ever been curious to know what happens inside our mouths when we speak? If your answer is “yes” - and even if it is “no”! - you can get a sense of how language and other structures involved in speech move in the following video. Check out:

According to Lori Dorn of Laughing Squid, the images were captured by a German researcher named Jens Frahm of the Max Planck Institute. This guy actually developed a method of capturing images called FLASH2 a few years ago, based on the use of magnetic resonance imaging.

Revealing Technique

More specifically, the technique developed by Jens makes capturing images during exams at 100 frames per second, which allows “living” structures to be seen in operation. In this way, doctors can observe moving joints, active organs, and structures in use - which can help specialists visualize and diagnose the most varied conditions.

In the case of the video you watched at the beginning of the story, it was captured while a man spoke - German - during a resonance, and shows how language and other structures behave. You can see, for example, which points it touches inside the mouth and even when the subject swallows saliva or wets his lips.

Jens's team also took an exam similar to an individual singing while undergoing resonance - watch:

And one showing the heart and other organs in the active chest - see:

Fascinating, don't you agree?