Find out how to prevent yellowish sweat stains on clothes

A lot of people like the heat so much that they can't wait for summer to come. But for other people, the hot weather is synonymous with irritation, unwanted bugs, and worst of all: heavy sweating all the time, leaving skin sticky and slightly indiscreet on the clothes. But why does this happen?

The big villain is not your body, let alone the sweat glands. Astonishment: The blemish on the yellowish stains on clothes is actually their deodorant - or, more specifically, a substance quite present in the antiperspirants we use, aluminum chloride.


If you paid attention in biology classes, you should know that our body has some types of sweat glands. These include the eccrines, which control sweat practically throughout the body, especially in areas such as lips and eardrums, and release their secretions directly to the surface of the skin.

Already the apocrine glands begin to function during puberty and are present in more specific locations - and if you thought of the armpits, it got it right. The yellow spots appear due to the sweat produced by these glands, which is made up of fats and proteins. When their sweat comes in contact with the deodorant, the molecules change, and ... well, you already know the result.

Of course, we're not telling you to stop using deodorant if you want to avoid stains - because we don't want you to be without friends. There are some very simple ways to avoid yellow spots on your clothes: one is to give preference to deodorants that do not have aluminum in the composition. Another tip is simply to wait a few moments after applying the deodorant so that your skin absorbs the product. If none of this solves the problem, you can use laundry detergents that have enzymes in the composition that remove sweat and debris from the fabric.