Find out how 3 words were born that everyone uses

If you think naming a child or product is a daunting task, imagine naming something that doesn't even have a name? Have you ever wondered, for example, who was the first person to call the sandwich ... sandwich? The Mega YouTube Channel Archaeologist Tip brings this and other well-known word sources. Check out:

1. Silhouette

In 1759, Étienne de Silhouette was a finance minister of France during the reign of Louis XV. He, however, was not a very good politician, so his fame was not the best - he was only 8 months in office, enough to cause a break in the country's economies. His hobby was to draw human profiles without any kind of detail, which at the time became known as “à la Silhouette”. That became an expression for unfinished things, until it became the expression we use today.


2. Boycott

Charles Boycott was a British military man living in Ireland in 1880, but he paid little attention to the claims of the people there. He even tried to stop a demonstration, causing everyone, including his subordinates, to ignore him in any social life. A major stoppage came after that and eventually the term “boycott” eventually became popular.


3. Sandwich

John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, a small village located in south east England. Montagu lived between 1718 and 1792 and, legend has it, that he loved to play cards. Since he did not want to stop to eat, he eventually ordered several fillings to be placed between two slices of bread so that he would not get his hands or letters dirty. So the sandwich would have come up as we know it today.



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