Find out what your sneezes say about you

How many different sneezes have you heard? Some look more "normal" while others turn out to be funnier, but have you ever thought that the way someone sneezes may indicate personality traits?

According to Chicago neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Alan Hirsch, a sneeze is very similar to a laugh: they can be loud, loud or soft. Hirsch says he doesn't know of any studies that link sneezing “styles” to any meaning yet, but he seriously believes that the way we sneeze can somehow reflect our personality.

To lessen the mystery, the Tampa Bay Times spoke with Patti Wood, an expert body language researcher, who came to some conclusions about what a sneeze might mean about a person's personality. See below the four types of sneezing unveiled by her:

The sneeze of attention

This person usually has a funny, loud sneeze that ends up being long or appearing in sequence. They are charismatic people who want to get attention and have the potential to be influential leaders. However, they would not be very good at detail and often confuse others so they need to help you.

The shy sneeze

These discreet and very low sneezes usually mean that no one notices the movement. While he is polite, "friendly" and even sympathetic, he reveals someone who may be afraid of what others will think.

The direct sneeze

For these people, sneezing is practical: they may even try to contain sneezing, but when it comes, it comes in decisively, efficiently, and quickly. According to Wood, these people might expect a similar attitude from others in life and would be the kind of individual who really bothers with poorly done services, for example.

The polite sneeze

According to the researcher, those who usually put their hands over their mouths at the time of sneezing also expect others to do the same. They often have very strict concepts, are full of rules for life, and often like to be alone. These people would also have a great indignation over injustices.

And you, what do you think of these possibilities? And a mixture of sneezes, does that also mean something? While no more thorough research emerges, we can rely on the theories of these experts to at least have fun with friends who have “different” sneezes.