Find out what your fears say about your personality

1 - Fear of clowns means you value honesty


Tell us: Are you the kind of person who crosses the street if you see a clown who can't even explain for sure why these characters cause so much amazement? Well, first of all, you're definitely not alone, and secondly, it may have to do with the fact that clowns are seen as cheaters, according to an article in Scientific American. With their masks and makeup, clowns become people who can easily put good social behavior aside.

Carlin Flora of Psychology Today explains that identifying facial expressions is a form of human survival, and that is why we feel threatened by clowns, since we cannot know what they are feeling or what their true intentions are. Deep, right? And it really makes perfect sense.

2 - Fear of blood indicates that you are a calm person.


Look how paradoxical: being afraid of blood, but really afraid of the kind that makes you almost fall hard when you see a needle can be, as neuroscience PhD Jordan Gaines explained, “a primitive reflex buried deep inside. of our brain, ”which basically means that the mind associates the blood with some negative event. So if you are afraid of blood and are on the alert, it means that you have a strong protective instinct and that in times of conflict you can remain calm for the common good.

3 - Fear of snakes indicates that you like to help other people.


It's not too hard to be afraid of snakes, is it? Still, there are people who already shudder at just seeing a snake in a movie, for example. Apparently, this whole fear may have something to do with the instinct to protect other people, and a theory published in Psychology Today says that "humans and other primates are predisposed to fear creatures that have already threatened the lives of our ancestors." In other words, being afraid of snakes means that you care about the people around you and value your relationship with them.

4 - Fear of spiders means you're a good leader.


Here's another very common fear, isn't it? If you panic when you see a spider nearby, be aware that spiders are also creatures that have already endangered human existence and that is why we evolved with the commands, say, ready to be on full alert when one of these eight beings paws approaching. Being on full alert, on the other hand, may indicate that you have a tendency toward leadership and survival.

Fear of public speaking means you're a perfectionist


If you are sweating cold when you need to speak in public and you have nightmares when you know this will be inevitable at some work or school event, be aware that fear of public speaking seems to be related to low self-esteem. I think with the misconception that once you say the first word, everyone will start to notice your shortcomings and expect you to be wrong.

The issue here goes even further, and we know that it is not easy to admit this fear and this question of self-esteem. Be aware that behind this is also the desire to be a perfectionist and not to put yourself in situations where people might see you vulnerable to error. With training and over time, you may begin to realize that there is no point in policing all the time and that if any mistakes happen during your speech, that is fine too. To err is part and, we feel to inform, but nobody, nobody at all, is perfect.


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