Find out how much a romantic date in 25 cities around the world costs

Making a romantic date with the crush is priceless ... except for the late dinner commander at that nice restaurant, of course. The dating site EliteSingles has released a survey that shows the average amount spent on a date in 25 major cities around the world.

The company has analyzed the costs in dollars of what it considers a typical romantic night, including dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant, a bottle of wine, a couple of movie tickets, and a taxi back home with the average commute. 8 kilometers.

If you believe you will find the love of your life abroad or want to travel the world with your loved one, prepare your pocket. Spoiler : The most expensive city to date is Oslo, Norway, where a date can easily cost over $ 600. The cheapest is Istanbul, Turkey.

See how much it costs to meet in 25 cities around the world, from the most expensive to the cheapest, with approximate values ​​for our currency:

Oslo, Norway

$ 170 (approximately $ 251)

The quality of life in Norway is high, and the cost of living is equivalent: the country is considered one of the most expensive to live. According to the cost-of-living comparison site Numbeo, a meal with starter, main course and dessert for two in the Norwegian capital costs an average of $ 91.

London, England

$ 161 (approximately $ 223)

Like Oslo, London is not a cheap city. Just for the after dinner movie, a couple spends an average of $ 33 on a pair of tickets.

New York, United States

$ 144 (approximately $ 556)

A date in New York has everything to be unforgettable. But you have to open your pocket: converting to our currency, it takes more than $ 500 on average for the full romantic date.

Stockholm, Sweden

$ 123 (approximately $ 475)

The capital of Sweden is beautiful and inspiring. Those looking for a full meal for a couple in town, with starter, main course and dessert, will have to shell out about $ 77.

Tokyo, Japan

US $ 122 (approximately R $ 471)

Thinking of traveling to Tokyo? Dinner for a couple at a good restaurant in town costs about $ 44.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

US $ 116 (approximately R $ 448)

Have you thought about cycling the streets of Amsterdam with the crush and closing the night with a nice dinner? After the meal, go to the movies: two tickets cost about $ 26 in the Dutch capital.

Paris, France

$ 114 (approximately R $ 440)

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. A meal with starter, main course, and dessert for two costs an average of US $ 63 in the French capital.

Sydney, Australia

$ 113 (approximately R $ 436)

Going out with your crush in Sydney costs a little less than in Paris. There are good wine options starting at $ 13 in the Australian city.

Toronto, Canada

US $ 109 (approximately R $ 421)

You need a little over $ 400 for your dream date in Toronto. The return taxi, five miles away, costs about $ 10.

Auckland, New Zealand

US $ 105 (approximately R $ 406)

In Auckland, the taxi back to the same route costs about $ 14.

Hong Kong, China

US $ 104 (approximately R $ 402)

Hong Kong is known to be an expensive place to live. A good couple dinner there costs about $ 51.

Berlin, Germany

US $ 101 (approximately R $ 390)

Converting to our currency, a date in Berlin costs around $ 390. But if you buy a wine from the market, you will find great options starting at $ 5.

Seoul, South Korea

US $ 87 (approximately R $ 336)

Seoul is the first city on the list to offer a romantic night for under $ 100. A full South Korean dinner for two costs an average of $ 40.


US $ 85 (approximately R $ 328)

Dining well in Singapore does not cost as much as in other major cities around the world. There, the full meal for two costs about $ 36.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

US $ 85 (approximately R $ 328)

Cool Barcelona is undoubtedly a city for an incredible date. The average price spent on dinner, movies and taxi is the same as Singapore.

If you decide to bring your own bottle of wine for dinner, you can find good options starting at $ 5.

Nairobi, Kenya

US $ 74 (approximately R $ 286)

In the capital city of Kenya, a nice three-course meal for a couple costs about $ 29.

Rio de janeiro Brazil

US $ 70 (approximately R $ 270)

Brazil enters the list with our most internationally famous city, Rio de Janeiro. In the Marvelous City, the couple can eat well, get a movie and return by taxi home for R $ 270, on average.

Taipei, Taiwan

US $ 68 (approximately R $ 262)

In Taipei, the full dinner for couples costs about $ 22.

Shanghai, China

US $ 67 (approximately R $ 259)

In Shanghai, the return home is particularly cheap. An 8-kilometer cab ride costs just $ 3.

Moscow, Russia

US $ 61 (approximately R $ 235)

If you bring your own wine for dinner in Moscow, it will cost you at least $ 8 a bottle at the market.

Cape Town, South Africa

US $ 55 (approximately R $ 212)

A good dinner with your loved one in the South African city will cost about $ 36.

Bogota, Colombia

$ 52 (approximately R $ 201)

In Colombia's capital, the two-person movie theater costs approximately $ 7.

Mexico City, Mexico

$ 45 (approximately $ 61)

Mexico City is a great place to have fun and enjoy the night without spending so much. A meal with a starter, main course, and dessert for a couple costs $ 24 on average.

Mumbai, India

$ 35 (approximately $ 135)

Do you like Indian food? How about taking your loved one on a romantic trip to India? In Mumbai, a perfect night for two is very affordable compared to the cities mentioned above.

Istanbul, Turkey

$ 31 (approximately $ 119)

Istanbul is the city on the list where the couple in love would have to shell out less for a nice dinner, movie and taxi: about $ 60 per person, in approximate converted values. A starter, main course, and dessert meal costs approximately $ 17 for a couple.

If you could choose any of these destinations to have a romantic date, what would it be? Leave your comment!


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