Find out if 5 urban movie legends are false or true

The cinema is a factory of illusions. Because of this, many rumors end up emerging over the decades and are reproduced forever. We have already shown here some of the most famous urban legends of the seventh art, but how about discovering the truth about other famous cases? What myths below have you heard?

1. The Wizard of Oz

Legend : Judy Garland Received Less Than the Geek Dog
Status : False

Much is said today about the pay gap between actors and actresses. One of the most notable cases was last year's "All Money in the World" remakes, in which Mark Wahlberg received 1, 500 times more than his screen mate Michelle Williams. Now can you imagine what things were like 8 decades ago? In 1939, Judy Garland starred in the classic "The Wizard of Oz, " and legend has it that she was paid $ 35 a week for it. The interpreter of the dog Geek would have made $ 125 a week, a lot more than Judy.

Although the actress suffered various types of bullying from director Victor Fleming, her salary was $ 500 a week. The dog actually made $ 125, while male actors like the ones that made Scarecrow and Tin Man made up to $ 3, 000 a week! Those who paid less than the dog were the munchkins interpreters: they made $ 100 a week.

Wizard of Oz

2. Apocalypto

Legend : Wally, Where's Wally?
Status : True

In this 2006 movie, Mel Gibson chronicles the end of Mayan civilization in the 16th century. Obviously, this was long before the character Wally began hiding in books, something that began only in 1987. Gibson often takes his works very seriously. including using Yucatecan languages ​​with English subtitles to make the movie more realistic.

However, some people began to share that in the middle of the movie the character in the striped shirt was making a micro appearance. And isn't that true? Gibson thought it would be fun to insert the dead character with an arrowhead in a single-frame scene. In the video below, you can see the character in a mass grave surrounded by other bodies. Check out:

3. Superman - The Return

Legend : Brandon Routh's penis volume needed to be digitally decreased
Status : False

Almost 20 years after “Superman 4 - In Search of Peace, ” the Man of Steel would finally be back on the big screen. In 2006, "Superman Returns" brought Brandon Routh into the main character and sparked a series of controversy: the uniform colors were too dark, the "S" on the chest was too small, the "bundle" between the legs was too great...

Whoa! The latter, however, despite being a much talked about subject at the time, is just a big nonsense! There have been people saying that the volume has been digitally dimmed so as not to draw so much attention on the screen, but even though it has not changed, much has been said about Routh's skills.

superman returns

4. Toy Story

Legend : The drawing was almost canceled because it was too dark.
Status : True

Pixar's first classic almost came out of paper because it was considered too obscure! But if you think we're talking about the story that hit theaters, you're wrong: In the early versions of the script, Cowboy Woody was in fact the movie's big villain, can't stand losing Andy's favorite toy preference to the spaceman. Buzz Lightyear.

The story of jealousy remained in the feature, but Woody's character was softened. In the scene where Woody throws Buzz out of the bedroom window, the idea was to show him doing it intentionally, but the producers switched to an accident - something that was eventually discussed by the other toys that found the cowboy guilty.

Toy Story

5. Pulp Fiction - Time of Violence

Legend : All watches mark 4h20
Status : False

"Hound Dogs" threw director Quentin Tarantino into the spotlight, but it was with "Pulp Fiction" that he became the new darling of the movie industry. His films are often filled with information that goes beyond the boundaries of big screens and requires prior knowledge of viewers.

One of the main legends is that all "Pulp Fiction" clocks say 4:20 am - a time that refers to marijuana use! Even though one or another watch has actually been set to show this time, not all devices that appear in the movie show this setting. But Butch's watch, one of the most important in the movie, comes at a very different time.

pulp Fiction


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