Most lame excuses people gave for not working in 2017

Have you ever invented any stories to miss at work? And pasted? Well, there are people out there who make up each one so as not to hit the jamb, which you can't imagine. Of course, every boss knows that life is going too fast and that employees, whether to solve problems or take a break from the head, need a break from time to time. The problem is that for this, many end up ... well ... acquiring mysterious viruses, diseases that come and go suddenly or falling victims of the most miraculous incidents.

Cartoon Ren

It's every story ... (Giphy 1)

According to Matthew Michaels of Business Insider, the job seekers at CareerBuilder decided to survey the justifications most employees gave throughout 2017 for missing work, including bosses making some excuses. that are true pearls.

I am sick

Cof, cof ... I'm sick. (Giphy 2)

The survey involved the participation of 2, 257 HR professionals and 3, 697 employees and found that 40% of participants invented any illness to miss work during the year. The survey also revealed that 38% of employers contacted “sick” employees to see if they were really bad, and of those, 43% caught the smart guys in the lie and 26% fired someone for inventing something not to go to work. Now, check out some of the most ragged and crazy excuses this year:

“Since I don't know how the solar eclipse will affect me, I think it will be safer if I stay home today.”

"My cell phone exploded and hurt my hand."

"There's a bear in my backyard, and I'm afraid to leave the house."

Brown bear

What? (Giphy 3)

"I can't go to work today because I left my clothes in the laundry."

“I swallowed a toothpick in the restaurant and will have to miss today.”

"My dog ​​swallowed the car keys, and I'm waiting for them to come out."

“I broke my arm while fighting a (yes, a ) bodybuilder.”


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"My uniform is too tight, so I can't work."

“Some of my fake nails have fallen out, and I'll have to miss to put new ones in place.”

“My car doesn't have enough fuel for me to drive to work.”

This, by the way, is not the first time CareerBuilder people have come across excuses beyond creatives! Check out a selection released in 2015:

"My grandmother poisoned me with ham."

"I can't go to work because I'm trapped under the bed."

Under the bed

This is good! (Giphy 5)

"I broke my arm trying to keep my sandwich from falling."

"The universe is telling me not to go to work today."

“I poked my eye while combing my hair.”

So, dear reader, which of the above excuses was your favorite? By the way, have you heard any better - and deserved a prize for creativity? Be sure to share with us in the comments below!