Canadian designer designs gym that can be used in office

Unsurprisingly, we live in an increasingly sedentary society, where people drive out of their homes to get the bread from the bakery. As if that weren't enough, many people spend most of their day sitting while working.

Trying to solve the problem and reconcile exercise with the work environment, Canadian designer Darryl Agawin has developed a kind of office gym, thinking about how furniture used during office hours can inspire physical activity and help maintain a healthy body.

Gym kit

Image Source: Reproduction / DarrylGawin

The basic and small structure of the academy is called No, Sweat and its main idea is to be part of the routine of “professionally sedentary” people. The kit has already popular equipment such as weight bar, step and rope.

Agawin explains that this set was designed and designed to be easily accessible to anyone in both work and home environments. Check out the video that demonstrates the use of this portable mini gym and then tell us: did you like the idea?