Unravel the mysteries of the vagina with the new Mega Curious video

Mega Curioso's new video is more controversial than “nipples, ” and if you doubt that is possible, here's the thing: vagina. That's right! Today is a day for you to know a little more about the female sexual organ, this poor thing full of strange nicknames that mainly involve the names of some birds.

Nicknames aside, men and women still have much to learn about the subject, and to begin with, let us begin by exposing a minuscule, extremely powerful positive point created solely to cope with feminine pleasure. If you do not know that we are still talking about the clitoris, it is already a great indication that it is time for you to learn a little more about the said.

Returning to the clitoris: Did you know he has 8, 000 nerve endings? Yeah. Meanwhile, men have “only” 3, 500 terminations in the glans. That is: it does not have to be any great mathematician to realize that women have a certain advantage in this regard.

But not only that, no! There are many other things you can learn about the vagina, and the proof is the video below. Watch, comment, praise, criticize and of course be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel: