Rage Day: Store Does Not Deliver Products, Customer Charges Debt

Virtually every shopper has had some kind of problem with stores, such as undelivered products, improper charges, and other problems that cause financial or emotional harm - and not always trying to solve the issue will pay off.

And this is exactly the case of Professor Rodrigo Ciriac, who teaches history in the city of São Paulo and was featured on YouTube when he gave clarification on the strike of teachers in his city. Due to a work, he went to a building supply store and bought sinks, flooring and other products of this kind, totaling an expense of $ 4, 000.

However, the store in question did not deliver the purchase that was already paid, forcing the teacher to buy the same products from a competitor. At the time of returning the money spent, the establishment does not appear to have fulfilled its duty, resulting in a final loss of one thousand reais.

Letting off steam on YouTube ...

According to the description of the video posted on YouTube you can see above, Ciriac tried to talk to the company four times in an attempt to get his money back - and that made him waste gas and his work. Both the nervousness and the time period of up to 45 business days for the repayment made the teacher lose his temper.

He simply walked into the store and advised employees that a refund would not be necessary as he would get his products in some way. Because of this, Ciriac broke some products in an attempt to make the establishment have a loss similar to his, and he dedicated the episode to every worker who has ever been harmed by large construction companies.

Regardless of the positive or negative results, it is necessary to admit that it takes courage to enter a store the way Ciriac did. So, would you have the same boldness shown by the professor from São Paulo?