Internet Talk of the Day: How Would Dogs Wear Pants?

If there is one thing that people love is to discuss it on the internet, especially when it comes to the most absurd of all. Do you remember the black and blue dress, which some said was white and gold? Well ... the year 2015 still booked one more surprise in its final little.

This Tuesday (29) is not talking about anything else: what would be the correct way for dogs to wear pants? Several pages have shared the image, which makes it hard to know who started the game. Apparently it was the Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine Facebook page that published the image early in the morning.

A man named Norbert Maxim claims to have created the design after he saw a dog in his neighborhood wearing the clothes. “I saw some dogs wearing pants and I thought that as they don't have arms the pants should technically wear all paws. I just tried both versions and did not expect the success that turned out, ”said the guy.

Regardless of who created the game, the question remains: what would be the correct form?

Arguments on either side

For those who defend the image on the left, the idea is that the pants are meant to cover the legs, so all four legs of the dogs would need to be dressed. Already the right has more supporters, who claim that the idea of ​​clothing is to cover the butt and members closest to it.

And for you, dear reader, what would be the right way to put the pants on a dog?