Images released of a five-Earth-sized solar tornado

Gigantic tornado etched by NASA (Image source: Reproduction / Institute of Mathematics and Physics)

In September 2011, a camera from NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory recorded a major event on the sun's surface: a five-times-large tornado of fire on our planet that marked an eruption outbreak on the star.

Excerpts from this event - released this year only - were captured by NASA for being part of a program that aims to track the Sun's activities for five years to better understand the star's workings and predict how the weather would be in our world. solar system. Thus, it would be possible to prevent astronauts and even satellites as to the conditions of space.

One of the best examples of how eruptions and solar radiation can also hit us came this year, when NASA announced that a major event on the sun's surface could impact some electrical devices on our planet.

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