Owner of the second largest penis in the world scares people out of tights

Jonah Falcon, owner of the world's second largest penis, admitted that he sometimes goes out in public wearing tight pants to shock people. Her last tight-fitting “show” was in July, when she decided to leave the house wearing a UK-flag blouse and pants.

“People looked more at the pattern until they noticed that there was a bulge coming down halfway down my leg, ” said the happy owner of the 34.29-centimeter booby penis when he was “at work”. Falcon confesses that he intentionally does this to scare people, but he says he currently practices the habit far less often than when he was younger and immature.

The revelation came during an interview with Salon, in which he said he had his first sexual experience at the age of 10 - at the time, his penis was a mere 8 inches. Asked how his current partners react to discovering his "dowry, " Falcon says they are "shocked, delighted, and hungry." "They just get fascinated by him, " he explained.

Despite all the “power” carried by Falcon, he was overcome by Cuban Yosbany Montalván Santa Cruz, who commands a 45.5 cm member when erect.

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