Back pain? Bad posture? Know the headset that solves the problem

A South Korean company named Namu launched a campaign on Kickstarter that drew attention for the product it plans to sell: a headphone that corrects posture and prevents neck and back pain. Named ALEX, the device detects the user's bad posture and vibrates, indicating that he should position himself more correctly.

Everything is informed through an application that works in conjunction with the headset. You can determine the intensity of the vibration of the device through the smartphone, which also shows the correct position of the back and neck so that you do not have problems of posture and pain in the region.

According to the company, postural and spine and neck problems affect about 80 percent of office workers, who spend most of their time sitting in the wrong seat. In the app, it shows a record of your posture during the day and your progress over time.

By the time of this publication, the ALEX headset had raised $ 26, 573, about $ 110, 000, with 320 supporters. The campaign still lasts until February 18, so it is quite possible that it will be successful and even raise more money than expected.

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Via TecMundo.