Sleeping with Godzilla

Since its first appearance on screen in 1954, the giant monster Godzilla (or Gojira, if you prefer to choose the original name) has conquered thousands of people in the four corners of the globe, becoming one of the most well-known characters in movie history. - practically a true oriental legend - mainly due to the damage caused by it and that unmistakable roar - the creature's trademark.

With all this pet fame in mind, Hotel Gracery, located in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, decided to innovate in its décor by decorating several monster-themed rooms, with a replica of the animal's huge head outside. hotel, which stands above Toho Cinema, responsible for producing Godzilla's first film.

Note the similarity of the structure created with the classic movie scenes in the photos below:

The rooms

In all, there are 30 themed rooms for you to “sleep very close to Godzilla”. For example, if you're in the mood to cross the planet and shell out $ 125 a day, you can curl up in a room that overlooks the monster's huge head. That way, you'll wake up, look out the window, and come across the creature - even before brushing your teeth. Look:

On the other hand, if cash is not a problem for you, staying in the special Godzilla Room, which costs $ 334 on weekdays and $ 417 on weekends, may be a good choice, especially for those who are. fanatic for the legendary and irreplaceable Gojira. For your information, the room is fully decorated in Gozilla, right up to a huge statue of the monster. Check out:


And you, reader, like Godzilla movies? Feel like visiting the themed hotel? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.