Onboard drama: passengers are forced to travel with a corpse on a plane

If you consider the sheer number of flights taking off every day and how many people board airplanes around the world, it's incredibly rare for anyone to kick their boots while traveling.

However, sometimes it happens that someone dies during a flight, and it is normal for the crew to take the corpse out of sight, placing the poor deceased in some empty first-class seat, executive or, depending on the plane, in a special compartment for this end. Unfortunately, however, none of this has happened to a woman who recently passed away aboard a Boeing 747 from Turkey to Russia.

Ham on board

According to Natalie Evans of the Mirror portal, the woman - whose identity was not revealed - suffered from diabetes, but preferred to board without her insulin, leaving the drug in her luggage. According to the victim's husband, the wife had injected the substance before starting the trip and therefore probably thought she would have no problems during the flight.

Passengers had to travel beside their bodies for about three hours

However, just 45 minutes after the aircraft left the southern Turkish city of Antalya, the woman began to feel ill and died despite the crew's attempts to keep her alive. To make matters worse, instead of quietly taking the corpse out of sight of the other passengers, the body was placed extended along the aisle and covered with a blanket.

The commander also chose not to return to Turkey or make an emergency landing to leave his wife dead - and continued on his way to his final destination in Moscow, forcing travelers to spend about three hours beside the corpse. Now imagine the weather on the plane, among everyone who was coming back from vacation!