Drones could endanger commercial aircraft

The United States is taken by drones. These flying and unmanned vehicles have even invaded the technology press. In Tecmundo, for example, you find a review of the Parrot AR Drone, which can be controlled by the iPhone.

However, the adoption of this type of equipment has raised quite relevant issues for today's society. One of them, for example, is privacy. After all, imagine what can happen if any neighbor has a 17 cm spy drone? Now something even more serious has been put on the agenda: the safety of commercial flights.

Recently, in Brooklyn, a mysterious drone was spotted by passengers just meters from an Italian airline Alitalia. According to USA Today, the flight pilot even reported the incident to the responsible authorities, and now the FBI has been investigating the area to try to find the "toy" holder.

Image Source: Reproduction / The Gazette

Lack of legislation does not prevent enthusiasts

At first, the absence of well-defined domestic drone legislation has not prevented Americans from putting these "beauties" into the air. Although it sounds innocent, approaching a drone to a commercial aircraft - packed with passengers and crew - can cause major accidents. Imagine, for example, what would happen if one of these drones were sucked into the turbine of a Boeing 777.

Gizmodo recently spoke to an Italian pilot who detailed at least five different ways a drone could cause a serious air crash. These include not only the possibility of the vehicle being sucked into the airplane's turbine, but also debris from breaking the cockpit and hitting the pilot.

It is also considered that a crash against the wing could endanger the aircraft and even the mere sight of the drone could distract the pilot at a time of low altitude or poor visibility.

Let's hope the FBI finds this mysterious Brooklyn drone before it causes an accident.