What if ... 8 fascinating hypothetical questions and their possible answers

What if there was another technologically advanced species on Earth?

Humans reign absolute on our planet, but what if there was another intelligent species to challenge our supremacy, what would it be? According to the theorists on duty, it is more likely that we and they would become strangely and plunged into eternal conflict over the dominance of the earth. And if neither group matched or decimated the other, after a few thousand years, the two species would probably begin to adapt to evolve different resource needs and ignore each other's existence.

What if the earth were twice as big as it is?

If the earth were twice its original diameter, the mass of our planet would increase by eight times and the force of gravity would be twice as strong as now. If this increase in size were to happen suddenly, all the species of plants and animals currently living in the world would collapse under their own weight - and new, stronger and more resistant species would emerge here.

What if the dinosaurs had not been extinct?

Have you ever wondered what life on earth would be like if the asteroid that decimated the dinosaurs 65 million years ago never collided with us? According to some theorists, considering that the "lizards" dominated our planet for 160 million years before the cataclysmic impact, it is likely that they would still be the mobsters around here - and perhaps they had not evolved into an intelligent species. that would be in the place that humans occupy today !?

4 - What if the sun was twice the size?

It may seem contradictory, but if the sun were twice as big as it is today, it would fit into a class of stars called the red dwarf. That means our star king would be redder and much colder, and the habitable zone of the Solar System would be much narrower. Thus, all the water on our planet would freeze, while Mercury, the smallest world closest to the Sun, is what would be in the best place in our neighborhood.

What if humans were twice as intelligent?

Have you ever thought if we had twice the intelligence we have today? Would we have telekinesic powers? Would we live in a more technologically advanced world? Would we be more ... bigheaded? Some experts believe that as different personalities would continue to exist, society would not be free of conflict. But considering superintelligence on an individual level, humans would further develop their interests, feel more fulfilled, healthier, and probably less religious.

6 - What if we found out that there is alien life out there?

Theoretically speaking, it is possible that scientists may someday find life forms on Mars or Europe, one of Jupiter's moons, for example, and in this case samples would be carefully collected and thoroughly analyzed in the laboratory. Already if we discovered the existence of intelligent civilizations living somewhere in the galaxy, there is a protocol - developed in the 1950s by the US Army - that consists of a series of steps that must be followed before contact is stopped to ensure that the approach be beneficial to everyone.

7 - What if the Neanderthals had not been extinguished?

Some theorists believe that if the Neanderthals had not disappeared from the face of the earth, they could have survived in small communities until the modern age - and possibly developed the ability to communicate, think and even act like us. More likely, however, they eventually became related to humans and assimilated into a hybrid species.

8 - What if the seasons did not exist?

Spring, summer, fall and winter exist because our planet is tilted on its axis of rotation. If it were not so - and seasonal variations did not exist - it would always be hot in the central strip of the Earth, which corresponds to the Equator Line, and the climate would be divided into bands with constant temperatures that would get lower as we approached the poles. .

The problem is that, according to theorists, without the seasons, humans would probably never have developed agriculture, since crops depend on seasonality. Not to mention that in a world without “winter”, the Industrial Revolution probably would not have happened - and we would not have made so many breakthroughs - as many of the technologies that exist today have emerged from the need for humans to find more efficient and efficient ways. adequate to keep warm.


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