Electro Destroys New York in New Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Sony Pictures released this week a new trailer for the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man: The Threat of Electro." The video is presented by Stan Lee, the creator of the character, and shows a battle between James Foxx's villain Electro and Spider-Man in Times Square, New York, during a New Year's Eve celebration.

The second film in the spectacular Spider-Man franchise is directed by Marc Webb. Once again, Andrew Garfield will be in the skin of the arachnid hero; Emma Stone will be Gwen Stacy, DaneDeHaan will be Harry Osborn and Sally Field will play Aunt May. In addition to Jamie Foxx as Electro, another villain in the film will be Paul Giamatti as Rino.

The movie "The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Threat of Electro" is scheduled to open in Brazil on May 2.

Via Tecmundo