They grew up! 10 actors who made Christmas movies as children

1 - Miracle on 34th Street

In the movie, Mara Wilson, who also played the late Matilda, plays alongside Richard Attenborough. She currently works as a writer and playwright.

2 - They forgot about me

Ahhh, this movie ... Who doesn't remember poor Kevin, who was forgotten at home alone, in the middle of the Christmas holidays, when his family was going to enjoy the date in Paris? Today actor Macaulay Culkin is 36 and dedicates his time to music.

3 - Simply Love

The romantic comedy that tells the story of cute Sam, who learns to play drums just to get Joanna's attention, his crush of the time, is a beautiful Christmas movie. Thomas Brodie-Sangster grew up, is now 26 and is still working as an actor.

4 - Elf, An Elf in New York

Daniel Tay is now 25, and since he lived Will Ferrell's brother in the 2003 Christmas movie, he hasn't done much as an actor.

5 - Santa in reverse

The feature was Billy Bod Thornton's 24-year-old debut. To keep the character overweight, the actor had to put on more than 50 pounds to make the sequel, which didn't even look that good ...

6 - The Grinch

Actress Taylor Momsen is 23 years old and was a hit on Gossip Girl. Today she leads a band called The Pretty Reckless, which has toured alongside Evanescence and Marilyn Manson.

7 - A toy hero

Jake Lloyd, who is 27 today, is best known for playing none other than Anakin Skywalker in theaters. In "A Toy Hero" he was the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

8 - My Santa is Santa

Eric Lloyd made the three-movie series of "My Santa Is Santa." Today, at age 30, he works as a comedian, but has done some minor acting work throughout his life.

9 - Frustrated Christmas Holidays

This movie was the debut of Johnny Galecki as an actor. Today, he is 41 years old and gives life to the nerd Leonard in The Big Bang Theory.

10 - Gremlins

Zach Gallignan has also starred in "Star Trek: Voyager" and many low-cost films. At the age of 52, Gallignan participated in two other Christopher Columbus Christmas feature films.