Elon Musk calls pedophile diver who rescued boys in Thailand

The latest controversy involving South African executive and billionaire Elon Musk involves a serious accusation made to one of the divers responsible for rescuing a children's soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand. On Twitter, Musk called the British diver Vern Unsworth a "pedophile", one of those responsible for removing the 12 boys from there.

Musk's accusation was made in response to Unsworth's criticism of the undersea capsule developed by the executive to aid the rescue of cave boys. According to the diver, the equipment could not be used in action coordinated by dozens of professionals and was merely a marketing ploy - in fact, it was not used in the rescue.

In a series of Twitter posts, Musk said he had never seen this "expatriate Briton living in Thailand" in the rescue zone and disputed criticism that his underwater capsule would be unable to pass through the narrowest sections of the cave. At the end of his reply, he called the rescue professional “pedo guy, ” ie pedophile.

Elon Musk

Obviously, the founder and president of SpaceX and Tesla deleted all posts, but the screenshots of the messages are already circulating on the web and should perpetuate Musk's unpleasant interaction with the public.

According to The Guardian, Unsworth is considering suing Elon Musk. "I think he called me a pedophile, " the diver told a team of journalists still at the caves in northern Thailand.

"I think people realize what kind of people he is, " said the rescue specialist. He also made it clear that the matter "is not over, " confirming to reporters that he will take some legal action against the charge made by Musk.

Capsule Reviews

In an interview, Vern Unsworth stated that Musk was unaware of the details of the cave when designing his underwater capsule, so he had no idea how it would be used in the rescue.

“He had no idea what the cave passages were like. The submarine is almost 2 meters long, is rigid ... There is no way he can go through any of the corners or dodge obstacles, ”he said. “He couldn't make it through the first 50 meters of the cave. That was just a marketing ploy, ”after suggesting that Musk stick the capsule“ where it hurts ”.


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Elon Musk calls pedophile diver who rescued boys in Thailand via TecMundo