Elon Musk suggests creating an anime-like mecha

Did you miss Elon Musk's witty tweets? Well, in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, the South African genius posted a tribute to a very successful Japanese cartoon. “Your Name”, available here on Netflix, is from 2016 and tells the story of two young people connected by the images of their dreams.

Shortly thereafter, Musk posted the following sentence: "It's time to create a wick". Look:

It is time to create a wick

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 14, 2018

Although it may be considered a joke, it is worth remembering that the inventor likes to turn initially stupid ideas into really functional gadgets. This happened, for example, with the Boring Company flamethrower, based on a reference to the movie "Space Balls: SOS."

After the events that took him out of the chairmanship of the Tesla and behaviors that, say, didn't fall right in the eyes of the board - like smoking weed and making fun of the US Securities and Exchange Commission - he's been quieter. Is he really up to something with giant robots? Ever thought we'd have something like Transformers or the Mobile Suit Gundam metal bolts in the future?

Mobile Suit Gundam

Source: Cinema Observatory

For now it may just be a joke and a daydream, but speaking of Elon Musk, it is never good to doubt much, because we have seen him take a lot of unlikely from the paper.

Elon Musk suggests creating an anime-like mecha via TecMundo