In video, Demi Lovato takes off all her makeup and the result is amazing

Celebrities, especially the world-famous and pop-related celebrities, are always seen at their best, with their perfect, expensive clothes, flawless hair, gorgeous shoes and, of course, a make-up that makes them look perfect.

For a Vogue campaign that seeks to promote positive self-image, singer Demi Lovato sat in front of a mirror and, while listening to makeup tips on her cell phone, was removing, step by step, all the items from her overproduction: clothing, hairpieces. hair and finally makeup.

The campaign is part of a series called “American Women: Transformers” and, since the singer's video was released by the brand, has had over 2 million views.

Demi said that while society has gotten us used to our hyper-makeup versions, it is possible to be beautiful in a natural way. She explains that she loves to put on makeup and straighten her hair, but that things need to be balanced and not to forget that each person's natural beauty needs to be celebrated. Watch:

Of course, the campaign, while successful, does not appeal to everyone, not least because Demi is a wealthy woman who fits current beauty standards and can choose to walk with her face washed or wearing Dior. Anyway, it's cool to think about the proposal of natural beauty itself - what do you think about this theme? After watching the video, give your opinion in the comments!