Instead of buying flowers, learn where the clitoris is

International Women's Day often involves political and gender discussions - I myself started working here at Mega talking about some things in that sense and about the new dolls that were created by Mattel to honor wonderful women.

Now, going through the feeds and seeing what many women have shared, I realized that several of them are talking about female sexuality which, in 2018, is still taboo, so how about we learn some things about it too and enjoy the occasion to discover secrets about the infamous clitoris?

Let's go!

First, we need to understand that women's bodies function quite differently than men's, especially when it comes to sexual arousal.

Men are faster, more visual, more detached, and the maximum pleasure point of the penis, which is usually in the region of the head of the organ, is more than visible. In addition, boys also enjoy the testicular region and prostate - this, of course, just to mention the most obvious sexual anatomy, because the whole body can be sexually stimulated.

Women, on the other hand, need to be really aroused for them to get lubricated so that they can start sex without discomfort.

Many women do not come to orgasm with penetration alone, and what is a big hit at these warmer moments is the stimulation of the good old clitoris. Anatomically speaking, the visible part of the clitoris, whose only function is to pleasure, is close to the channel where the pee exits, and it is a small point that, when stimulated, increases in size.

Tip of the iceberg


Although it is visible, many men find it difficult to find the saying whose - many have is really lazy, and that's not cool, huh. Remember that in terms of sex, the cool thing is when all involved enjoy and not when only the man meets their needs, turns aside and sleeps.

Here are some curiosities about the wonderful clitoris - they are for both men and women. Learning more about this wonderful organ is always valid and, in the case of underpants, can ensure that you finally become good in bed. That is: everyone wins. Let us learn, therefore:

1 - Of women who reach orgasm during sex (unfortunately, many do not), 75% need clitoral stimulation;

2 - As already mentioned, the visible part of the clitoris is the tip of an iceberg, and the organ itself, up to 10 cm in length;

3 - Throughout a woman's life, the clitoris grows a little, and gets up to twice as large after menopause. This thing of size, however, has nothing to do with pleasure, nor is it something women care about the same way boys do when it comes to penis size;

4 - Just to give you an idea, the female pleasure organ has 8, 000 nerve endings, and that's simply double what the penis glans;

5 - When we are still in the womb, by the 12th week of gestation, our genitals are identical, and only then do fetuses begin to have penises or vulva. The clitoris and penis are therefore different products made from the same raw material, so to speak;

6 - Incidentally, in terms of nomenclature, the correct thing is this: the set formed by the clitoris, vagina and lips is called vulva;

7 - Because only the clit's head and hood are outside and visible, many sex experts believe that the G-spot inside the vagina is an internal region of the clitoris that we have just been able to touch;

8 - We have talked before, but it is worth repeating because it is too beautiful information: the clitoris exists only to give pleasure to the woman. It has no reproductive function;

9 - Women may experience different types of orgasms: vaginal, cervical and G-spot orgasms, but the easiest thing is for women to climax through the clitoris itself - indeed, very few women get there without it. clitoris get in the game;

10 - Now you understand that the clitoris exists and that it has a very important function in terms of female pleasure. To deal with the saying whose, know that there are different shapes and sizes of clitoris, and that every woman likes a kind of stimulation. It is best, then, to start slowly and let the woman conduct her movements and explain if she likes more gentle or more pressure touches, for example;

11 - By the way, the word "clitoris" comes from the Greek word used to speak "key". That is: knowing more about him is definitely a way to open doors to a happier sex life;

12 - A clitoral orgasm can last up to 30 seconds; and some women can have multiple orgasms, which means that after those 30 seconds, new waves of pleasure come as she has pelvic contractions. In short, the shortest clitoral orgasm lasts longer than the longest male orgasm. Here's something to celebrate today, huh - and the best: it can be with or without company!

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Guys, while knowing everything about the clitoris is cool, it doesn't stop us from remembering the most obvious of things when it comes to sex: it's only worth it when both sides have an interest. Consent first and condom second, huh!