Chinese company says it has created 800 m range incendiary laser rifle

Do you know those guns we got used to seeing in movies and cartoons - the guns and laser rifles? Yeah, it looks like they're coming true. According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese firm ZKZM Laser has created a prototype capable of burning, tearing through and injuring someone more than 800 meters away - and the idea would be to use rifles to arm all police in the country.

The image, by the way, is not that of the object, but rather a conceptual illustration of the device, which would have the greatest advantage of being light, silent and invisible, even able to pass through the glass. It would be used especially in military missions and hostage situations.

laser rifle

A ZKZM-500 rifle researcher said it would also be a good non-lethal solution for crisis management or violence. The piece weighs 3 kilograms - about the same as an AK-47 - and uses a lithium battery capable of powering more than 1, 000 shots of 2 seconds each, which should cost about $ 15, 000 per unit. The company is now looking for partners to produce on a commercial scale.

But is it true?

While the ZKZM Laser swears toe-to-toe that its ZKZM-500 works, many people have doubts, as the attenuation caused by the travel distance between the shot and a target at 800 meters would substantially weaken the laser's strength - to a point where He wouldn't be able to pierce someone's clothes, let alone burn the skin.

In addition, it is very unlikely that this weapon will be able to store such a powerful lithium-ion battery in such a small container. That is, it is hard to believe that such a tiny repository could have ammunition for so many incendiary laser shots.

Well, the idea may have come out of movies and cartoons, but until there is more concrete evidence, for now the ZKZM-500 remains in science fiction.


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Chinese company says it has created 800 m range incendiary laser rifle via TecMundo