Quantum Entanglement: Get to Know This New Mode of “Marriage”

If you think traditional marriages - those involving religious ceremonies and such - are a thing of the past, and simply calling a judge of peace to formalize the union is very bland, know that you have invented a new kind of marriage. For sure, if beyond all the couple is geek, the news is perfect!

According to Adele Peters of the Fast Company portal, a hotel in Las Vegas - the land of crazy weddings - has begun to organize a kind of ceremony in which couples come together for the power of Quantum Physics. The novelty was proposed by an experimental philosopher named Jonathon Keats and is based on the concept of “quantum entanglement”.

Quantum union

According to a story we posted here in Mega Curioso - which you can check through this link - basically when quantum entanglement occurs between two particles, they start to behave as one, even when they are separated by millions of particles. light years away. So anything that happens to one of the particles will immediately happen to the other as well.

As Keats explained, when we ponder this concept, it's incredibly romantic - and it's the kind of thing anyone in love would want from a relationship. Thus, after studying the science involved in quantum entanglement, the philosopher believes he has found a way to replicate this phenomenon among humans.

What physics put together ...

The quantum entanglement ceremony involves spreading various mirrors and prisms where the “wedding” will take place and hanging a nonlinear crystal - a type of lab-made crystal - near a window that allows sunlight to pass through. The photons that cross the crystal are intertwined and then bounced by the prisms and mirrors, striking the bodies of people who are marrying quantitatively.

According to Adele, although it sounds like sheer craziness, Keats makes sure the ceremony works. According to him, the intertwined photons that bombard the couple - or group of people, since the philosopher believes in multiple forms of marriage - can cause some particles present in human bodies to also go through the same phenomenon.

Adele explained that, in fact, there is no guarantee that the physics of the thing work, as the process cannot be measured. However, Keats - who does not see quantum entanglement in this context as a metaphor - claims that it is precisely the impossibility of measuring this phenomenon of physics that makes it a real psychological phenomenon. According to him, it is as if we transfer a law of physics to a state of being.