This guy is the best collector you've ever seen

I think we all agree that it's too bad to charge someone. Not even Mr. Belly could take the money from Mr. Madruga's late rent anymore, in the series Chaves.

No doubt you know someone who has a "lost money" in someone else's hand or has had to make that small purchase and has not yet shown up to settle the score.

Well, if you need an incentive or an idea to charge the “dim-dim” someone owes you, get inspired by these sensational comments we find in a profile of a “friend of a friend of mine” (seriously, no it's me, even because I don't even eat corn ice cream).

1. Do you know when you complain that your aunt makes nonsense comments on your posts? Could be worse...

2. If you have a problem with a company, it is normal to resort to social networks to complain, after all visibility is increased and the chance of your issue being resolved increases. Ever wonder if companies start doing the same?

3. But let's forget about the companies and learn how to charge that friend who borrowed money from you and now makes himself dead

4. Just take a look at his Facebook and find out what he's been up to these last few days and poke at that nudge

5. You can always appeal to the sentimental side, for example

6. The important thing is to be creative: each post, one charge

7. If nothing works, it is better to be straightforward.