This device allows you to play the guitar without the instrument.

At first the idea may seem a little crazy, but a guitar that is about 99 cm long and 40 cm wide is not the most portable object in the universe. But what if you could carry the instrument in your pocket?

The idea behind Pocket Guitar is just that: the device resembles the neck of a guitar, allowing the user to practice fingering and chords without needing the instrument. The sound, of course, turns out not to be like a real guitar - since the pocket version doesn't have a wooden body. But for those just starting out and not sure if it is worth investing in the instrument or for those who have been playing for a while and have restless fingers, the Portable Pocket Guitar may be a good option!

At GearBest, you find the gadget for $ 6.99 - only valid for the next 6 days. Shipping to Brazil costs $ 1.18 and takes between 25 and 60 business days.