This lion almost scares the photographer and gives a smile after

Photographing wild animals and living adventures in different parts of the world seems like the dream job, doesn't it? But in addition to the amazing images, funny situations and some scares are also part of the package sometimes.

English photographer Gren Sowerby has spent much of his life in contact with the large savanna animals in Kenya and Tanzania, and other places. But in recent days, you have seen a series of photos of you go viral on the internet. In the images, one of the lions he recorded "trolled" the photographer.

Gren Sowerby. Source: Bored Panda

Gren told the British news agency SWNS that he was photographing the lion when he gave a huge roar and, as if sensing the photographer's fright, then gave a satisfied smile and a wink.

The photographer also said that he was only 10 or 15 meters from the King of Savannah and that, besides him, there was also a lioness who was taking care of the prey they had slaughtered. For Gren, the roar must have meant something like, "I'm full, I don't want to eat now."

According to the artist, to capture good photos of lions it is important to have a good guide who knows where they usually are and takes you there. Also, the time of day is important, as like every feline, lions are most active early in the morning and late in the day when they go hunting. So, you already know, if you are photographing a lion, avoid the afternoons, otherwise the most you can register will be a sleeping kitten.

Here's the sequence of photos that made the photographer sweat cold:

Lion resting peacefully in the jungle. Source: Facebook

Suddenly the king of the jungle shows why he has this nickname. Source: Facebook

Imagine the photographer's fright! Source: Facebook

Just missed the glasses and start playing "Turn down for what". Source: Facebook