These 13 Drawings Satirically Illustrate Our Technology Addiction

Technology is increasingly present in our lives and it's hard to think what our daily lives would be like without it. Some people can't spend a minute without checking social networks or spending a day without posting a selfie on Facebook or Instagram. French illustrator Jean Jullien has made a series of drawings that satirize everyday activities involving social networks, smartphones and other technological devices.

1 - “The evolution of reading breakfast news”

2 - Going to the beach is so good!

3 - There's always that weird guy on the subway

4 - Apple Watch is revolutionary

5 - New tanning style

6 - Dinner was wonderful today # happy family # very much # ofrangoestava Great

7 - You are never alone

8 - Was it like this before Instagram?

9 - The apple is the most coveted fruit of today

10 - Now we have evidence

11 - Valentine's Day

12 - “The future of photography”

13 - Much better than watching the show on the internet!

Check out more works by Jullien on the artist's website.