These students excel when it comes to choosing a way to paste

We already know that, when it comes to paste, comes a gigantic creativity, so much so that in entrance exams everything is watched very carefully - not even your water bottle can have a label.

What we brought to you today was a compilation of some of the most creative and unusual glues ever seen. Remembering that this is by no means an incentive, huh ?!

bubble gum

One student endeavored to write down his glue in very small letters on gum. Then just put it in, and that's it. The proof of the crime is over!


Under the nails

Someone was committed to writing the formulas of a Physics test under the false nails. Then it was just going discreetly and taking the formulas.


The more you stretch a pantyhose, the more transparent it becomes, and in many schools (especially in the United States) wearing a uniform is not mandatory. So what these girls did was this: they wrote the glue on their thighs and then stretched their socks so that they were more transparent and they could see.


Mini photocopy

One student took an entire chapter of a subject and took a very, very small photocopy. Some also write the glue on the computer to the smallest possible font and then print it.

Steal the evidence

Some students paid attention to the time teachers would leave for lunch and leave the room empty. Then they would break in and steal the assignments and tests already corrected by other students.

Invisible ink

A few years ago it was easy to find selling a pen whose ink was invisible in any shop; on the lid was a tiny black light lantern. The idea was to be another joke to leave messages and everything, but naturally people took the idea to have that "help" in the race.


Climb a building!

All for friendship! In one village in India, family and friends were caught hanging in a relatively tall school building trying to glue papers to students during an exam.

Rubber band

This student wrote the glue inside a very thick rubber band. So far, nothing so abnormal. The difference was that he left the elastic well stretched while writing the glue; so when it was at its normal size, it looked like it had nothing written on it.

Broken pencil

One student decided to write the glue inside a split pencil in half lengthwise. So to many it would look like a normal pencil.

Cell phones

Well, this is so obvious that schools, colleges, and other testing places often keep their eyes peeled for gadgets. It is this terror that is worth the honorable mention.


Some people take annotation photos, record audio on their cell phones and find a way to put their earbuds under their hair, access the internet at test time and even share the test photo to make sure everyone gets the answer. . If there is one thing that gives multiple glue options in a small space, it is the cell phone.

And have you ever glued or known someone who has glued in some very irreverent way? Tell us!