These celestial bodies have the coolest names in outer space.

The space may seem dark and cold, but in its immensity countless celestial bodies have incredible shapes and names that sound according to their grandeur. In this list, Popular Mechanics has separated 20 of them that may even encourage you to know more about space.

1. Lenticular galaxy

This galaxy has no reserves of star-forming matter.

2. Stephan's Quintet

Seeming to come out of a grand presentation, Stephan's Quintet is actually the clustering of five galaxies in a small relative space.

3. Lava Planet

Possibly home to some unscrupulous villain, this planet is not for the weak.

4. Pulsate

No larger than a big city, this star is made up only of neutrons and emits strong radio waves at regular intervals.

5. Thorne – Zytkow Object

The peculiar name identifies this pulsar, which entered the core of another star.

6. Quasar

Despite its refined name, it is called a supermassive black hole that devours matter.

7. Rapid radio burst

Reaching the Earth from space, these signs seem to be the announcement of the apocalypse.

8. Magnetar

According to the name, she is a neutron star with a very powerful magnetic field.

9. Hoag Object

Despite the name that resembles a comic book villain weapon, it is nothing more than a peculiar galaxy, where the stars are in a ring far from the center.

10. Black Dwarf

Our Sun, after a few trillion years, will become a black dwarf. Good thing we'll all be far away from here.

11. Planetar

This heavenly body was named after it because it is too compact to be a planet, but too small to be a star. The current name is brown dwarf (very bland).

12. Blitzar

When a star is large enough to become a supernova, its nucleus collapses into a neutron star or black hole. A blitzar is a neutron star that spins fast enough to become a black hole.

13. Relativistic time dilation

No distant objects here, because this term, which seems to have come out of a science fiction book, is part of our reality.

14. Omega Nebula

Its appearance is as imposing as its name.

15. Wolf-Rayet Star

The name gives the feeling of something great, which can be proven by the photo.

16. Dark Energy Star

With that name, she seems to belong to the dark side of the force. This designation is given to the elements that replace black holes within theories that do not believe in their existence. As a result, the only dark energy we can show is that dog swimming. And how much energy!

17. Primordial Black Hole

These mid-mass black holes formed in the moments just after the Big Bang and now roam the universe silently, unseen.

18. Hipernova

A supernova, but much brighter. Maybe we can call it hyperbright too.

19. Chthonic Planet

A rocky planet that is actually a gas giant that has had its atmosphere completely removed.

20. Blazar

A quasar that has jets aimed directly at Earth. Scary, no?


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