This strange creature was found deep in Antarctica.

Turn and move we learn of unknown animals that are identified around the world - and Antarctica, because it is such an unusually inhospitable and unexplored territory, is often home to some of the weirdest discoveries. The last one to be found there is no exception to this rule and was caught in the mud no less than 3, 500 meters deep!


According to Callum Hoare of the Express news portal, the creature was discovered by scientists participating in a 50-day expedition across the frozen continent aboard the New Zealand research vessel RV Tangaroa. If you look closely at the image below, the organism looks like one of those gummy bears - just overgrown! Look:

(Source: Nerdist / Reproduction)

The animal was captured during surveys on the abyssal plain below the Antarctic Glacial Ocean and, according to one of the expedition's scientists, marine biologist Kareen Schnabel, she is a creature she had never seen before. Check out another image:

(Source: Nerdist / Reproduction)

Because the researchers collected a single specimen of the animal, the team cannot say how common this creature is or how large the population is in the depths of Antarctica. In addition, scientists will have to examine characteristics such as number of vertebrae, shape of teeth and jaw, and the configuration of gill traces - structures involved in food filtration - in order to determine which animal this is. But at the moment kinship and the species of the organism are a mystery.