This woman has the longest lashes in the world

Eyelash stretching is a beauty procedure that has gained more and more fans worldwide. Jianxia, ​​the Chinese woman known to be in the Guinness Book as owner of the largest eyelashes in the world, is certainly not interested in this kind of treatment.

As bizarre as it sounds, Jianxia sports 12.4 cm long strands, and they cover her face to the height of her mouth. The condition has not existed for a long time, as unusual eyelash growth began in 2013 during an 18-month retreat she took in nature.

Because of this, she believes her huge eyelashes are a kind of blessing from nature. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that she and her huge eyelashes will be in the 2018 edition of the Book of Records.

woman in a red shirt

With Jianxia will also be Ayanna Williams, who boasts nails of more than 5 meters long and says she can perform daily tasks normally, and the cat Cygnus, which has a huge tail measuring 44.66 centimeters.