International Space Station may be privatized by 2024

For some time now, the US government has said it would no longer fund the activities of the International Space Station (ISS). What was not known was what would happen to her after the end of funding - which is expected to go until the end of 2024. Now, new information gives a little more hints about what we will see next.

According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, the US administration's idea is to hand over control of the ISS to private companies over the next few years. This would gradually begin in 2019 and allow for a smooth change of command - facilitating the transition to the next steps of the Station's activities.

At first, NASA and the private fund would work together so that later the company in question would be alone in control. What is not yet known is how this process will be viewed in the United States. The maintenance of the ISS is widely advocated by oppositionists to the current administration, and there is still the issue that the Station has been funded by more countries - and it is unclear how much of that would belong to the US today.

One of the most commonly used arguments must be that the ISS was created for scientific studies. Therefore, its use for commercial purposes could not be approved. Or could SpaceX, Blue Origin, and other private companies be able to combine commercial interests with study funding at ISS?

International Space Station can be privatized by 2024 via TecMundo