These 10 professions may cease to exist in the coming years.

You may have noticed that the job market changes over time and that some professions no longer exist - we at Mega Curioso have even published a list of extinct professions, remember?

This change of place between rising jobs and those with little future is of particular concern to new professionals. Career Cast released a list of jobs that will become extinct in the US and soon in other parts of the world. Know which professions these are in the following list:

1 - Postman

South Studio

The function tends to decrease by 28% by 2022. This is due to the fact that sending letters is much rarer today, even on bank invoices and bank slips, which tend to be charged more and more automatically.

2 - Field worker


The idea that many machines are replacing human labor is visible in agriculture, which is expected to have a 19% decrease in hiring staff. Those who have money to invest in machinery prefer to dispense with manual harvesting, which is considered slower.

3 - Meter reader


Another area that is expected to decline by 19% by 2022 is the meter reader, as it is increasingly common to use devices that do the job automatically without the need for employee intervention.

4 - Reporter

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Journalistic information is unlikely to be consumed except when the medium for this information is the printed newspaper, which has fewer sales and fewer advertisements. The truth is that the reader prefers to check the online versions of the newspapers he reads and, thanks to this change of pattern, by 2022 there will be a decline of at least 13% in hiring journalists for print newspapers.

5 - Travel Agent

Business place

Fewer and fewer people plan their trips with the help of a tourism professional. The truth is that it is much easier to buy tickets and book hotels on your own than to pay someone to do it - once again the internet is directly related to this change of pattern.

You may have seen apps and websites designed to find affordable hosting and airfare yourself, right? The drop in this sector is expected to be 12% over the next eight years.

6 - Lumberjack


The logging industry is becoming more sophisticated and manual labor is gradually being replaced by mechanics. Another factor that contributes to reducing the demand of this type of professional is the fact that there is a decrease in the use of paper. By 2022 it is estimated that the profession will decrease by 9%.

7 - Flight attendant

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Fewer flight attendants will be hired due to the fact that many airlines are merging. By 2022 hires should decrease by 7%.

8 - Drill Operator


One more example that manual labor is being replaced by mechanics. By 2022 it is estimated that 6% fewer workers will be hired.

9 - Graphic Print Worker


The reduced use of paper leads to fewer lumberjacks being hired and, consequently, reduces the work of printing companies and, consequently, the hiring of new professionals in this sector. In the coming years the hiring drop should be 5%.

10 - Tax Professional and Tax Collector

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In the coming years, the reduction of contracts in this area will be 4%. This will happen because the tax professional has been less hired by companies looking to cut staff costs. What's more, technology has replaced the service that was once done only by people.