These photos made by homeless people will illustrate a 2016 calendar

Cafe Art, a UK institution known for promoting initiatives that help homeless people, decided to do something different to give voice to those who live on the fringes of society. For this, 100 disposable cameras were distributed to these people in the capital of England, London.

Participants received basic photography classes and were then instructed to take pictures with the theme “My London”. Of the 100 cameras distributed, 80 returned to the institution, so about 2, 500 records were made.

Of these images, the top 20 were selected by a panel of judges involving professionals from Fujifilm, the London Photographic Festival and other institutions that support homeless people. Part of the photos from this selection will now be part of a 2016 calendar. Check out these photos below:

Photo of ROL, which will be the cover of the calendar

XO's picture

Picture of Ellen Rostant

Picture of Ellen Rostant

David Tovey's photo

Goska Calik Photo

Ioanna Zagkana photo

Desmond Henry photo

Cecie's picture

Zin's picture

Michael Crosswaite photo

Goska Calik Photo

According to Cafe Art, the money raised from the sale of calendars will go to projects to help homeless people. In addition, it will fund the manufacture of calendars, print photos and reward photographers whose images have been chosen. Tell us what you think about this project!