These photos show the giant difference between North and South Korea.

Jacob Laukaitis is a guy who lives his days traveling the world and taking amazing pictures of the places he knows. He recently had the opportunity to spend time in North Korea and South Korea.

The experience yielded a series of comparative photos, showing the differences between the two countries and also how people behave in each of these places, which were part of a nation just over 60 years ago.

In a publication on Bored Panda, Laukaitis explained that North Korea is the strangest country he has ever visited. There he had a guide who closely accompanied him, confiscated his passport and did not let him visit anything alone. Here are some of his comparative photos:

1 - Free time in North Korea

2 - Free time in South Korea

3 - Youth in North Korea

4 - Youth in South Korea

5 - Parking in North Korea

6 - Parking in South Korea

7 - A street of North Korea

8 - A street of South Korea

9 - Field in North Korea

10 - Field in South Korea

11 - University in North Korea

12 - University in South Korea

13 - North Korea Train Station

14 - South Korea Train Station