These are 15 of the best photos published on National Geographic in 2017

As you may know, especially if you are a photography fan, National Geographic organizes popular photo competitions throughout the year, such as Nature Photographer of the Year and Travel Photographer of the Year (“Travel Photographer of the Year”), in which she elects - and awards - professional and amateur photographers in various categories.

But National Geographic also has a stellar team of professionals who travel around the world to capture perfect clicks to illustrate and help tell the wonderful stories published by the organization. As well as honoring photography lovers around the world, NatGeo people do not forget the dedicated team that often risks their lives to record memorable images.

Because the publication recently released the list of the best images recorded during 2017. In total, of the nearly two million photos captured throughout the year, clicked by 88 photographers to help tell 112 different stories, curators selected 57 images - and You can check out the complete collection through this link. But first, see below 15 photos that we from the Mega Curioso team have selected as favorites:

1 - Frosty ( Theropithecus icy ) running through the hills of the Guassa Community Conservation Area in Ethiopia.

Monkeys running in Ethiopia

(National Geographic / Jeffrey Kerby and Trevor Beck Frost)

2 - Gray whale ( Eschrichtius robustus ) approaching a tourist in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California.

Gray whale

(National Geographic / Thomas Peschak)

3 - Fireflies promoting a forest show at the Santa Clara Sanctuary in Mexico.

Fireflies in Mexico

(National Geographic / Kirsten Luce)

4 - Gamers facing off at e-stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

Gamers in South Korea

(National Geographic / Max Aguilera-Hellweg)

5 - People dressed to celebrate “Día de los Muertos” in Allende, Mexico.

Mexico Day in Mexico

(National Geographic / Kirsten Luce)

6 - Emperor Penguins ( Aptenodytes forsteri ) swimming for food in Antarctica.

Penguins in Antarctica

(National Geographic / Lauren Ballesta)

7 - Family of ice cream ( Theropithecus ice ) gathers to beat the cold.

Little monkeys

(National Geographic / Jeffrey Kerby and Trevor Beck Frost)

8 - Nepalese risking their lives on a bamboo ladder to collect honey from bees with psychotropic effect.

Man collecting honey

(National Geographic / Renan Oztruk)

9 - Hippo mouthing in the Okavango delta in Africa.

Hippopotamus in Africa

(National Geographic / Cory Richards)

10 - Guards feeding orphaned elephants at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya.

Orphaned Elephant Cubs

(National Geographic / Ami Vitale)

11 - Women of Samburu culture from Nairobi, Africa, learning to deal with technology to teach their children.

Samburu women using tablet

(National Geographic / Ciril Jazbec)

12 - Pilgrims of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrating Easter in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Pilgrims in the Holy Sepulcher

(National Geographic / Alessio Romenzi)

13 - Macaca nigra primate enjoying a little beach on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

Selfie monkey

(National Geographic / Stefano Unterhiner)

14 - Weddell seal ( Leptonychotes weddelli ) swimming under the Antarctic ice.

Weddell Seal

(National Geographic / Laurent Ballesta)

15 - Climbing the Boysuntov mountain range in Uzbekistan.

Climbing in Uzbekistan

(National Geographic / Robbie Shone)

* At the top of the story: Stunning and beautiful jaguar cub - just 10 months old - clicked in the Pantanal, here in Brazil, by Steve Winter.