This is our amazing immune system: see amazing photos

The human body is truly charming, and if you are one of ours you should be impressed whenever you discover yet another facet of this amazing machine. The following images allow us to see closely the faces of the famous immune system, responsible for maintaining the health and balance of our body's defenses.

1 - Macrophage

Twisted Sifter

This is a human defense cell at a time when it involved particles in oil.

2 - Auxiliary T lymphocyte

One of the largest components of our immune system being attacked by the HIV virus.

3 - BCR

Covered with bacteria, this element will produce antibody armies.

4 - Malaria Reproduction

This image is of a protozoan blood sample that is multiplying between the red blood cells.

5 - Antibody Armies

When antibodies come into play, your body is able to recompose itself and even rebuild tissue.

6 - First step of phagocytosis

This is how a cell eats: throwing many pseudopods and thus reaching a large number of Escherichia coli bacteria.

7 - Bacteria

This image shows a group of bacteria trapped within the membrane of a macrophage.

8 - Interior of a macrophage

This is where the invading cell components will be broken and destroyed.

9 - The persecution of bacteria continues

Here you see otherwise when a macrophage reaches a bacterium with its pseudopod.

10 - Asbestos fiber hit by a macrophage

As you know, asbestos is toxic, so it is likely that this macrophage died during its mission.

11 - Cancer Cell

Here the malignant cell is being attacked by several defense cells.

12 - The Death of a Cancer Cell

The defense cells here are not only doing a great job, but they are even changing their shape when making a chemical attack on enemy cells, breaking the cell membrane.

13 - Fibrous Skeleton

These are the remains of a cancer cell that has lost its cytoplasm.

14 - Allergic Response

This is what happens to some people who produce antibodies when not needed: allergy.

15 - Femur with rheumatoid arthritis

This is an autoimmune disease, which is when the immune system gets confused and attacks healthy cells. The image above is of the femur - surgically removed - from a 50-year-old woman.

16 - Influenza virus

This is what a human cell looks like when infected with the flu virus: it quickly releases new viruses (in blue) into the body.

* Posted on 24/07/2014