This artist turns everything, absolutely everything, into amazing illustrations.

Prague artist Kristián Mensa is only 18 years old, but it is proof that talent and creativity can manifest early on. In his Instagram profile, Mensa publishes the illustrations he creates from everyday objects.

Using elements such as feathers, toilet paper rolls, Styrofoam pieces, notebook sheets, brushes and even fruits, Mensa can create completely unusual and fun images. Check out some examples below:

1 - Even sunlight becomes working material

2 - And what about this avocado rat?

3 - Creativity at full steam

4 - Would you think about that?

5 - Turning the photo of a ladder into the grass an amazing illustration? Of course it can!

6 - Creative brushes

7 - Orangutan

8 - How not to become a fan?

9 - Simple and amazing

10 - Horsehair

11 - Meditation Time

12 - Paper Trump

13 - Powerful Onion

14 - Different order

Hi Mickey!

16 - The Cutest Hairbrush

17 - Nap


So, what did you think of this young artist's work? Tell us in the comments!