This dad turns his children's drawings into amazing anime

French artist Thomas Romain lives in Tokyo, Japan, where he works with the production of anime series such as Symphogear, Space Dandy and Basquash !. When at home, however, Romain directs his talent to the project he called "Father and Sons Design Workshop."

Basically, he uses his children's drawings to create simply fantastic anime characters. Little by little, Romain has been spreading the works of his children alongside the characters he thought and it is simply impossible not to be impressed by the result of this brilliant idea - see:

1 - Steampunk Doctor

2 - Monster

3 - Magic Knight

4 - Cyborg

5 - This is responsible for everything

These kids should really enjoy working alongside their dad, right? From aliens to cyborgs and knights, you can see that little ones don't set limits on creativity - good for us, who can admire the result of this beautiful teamwork.