This video proves that Darwin was right about evolutionism - see!

Those who watched Friends probably remember when Phoebe told Ross she didn't believe in evolution, leading the paleontologist to a near nervous breakdown. If the show were going on these days, maybe Ross would have another argument to use in his discussion with his friend: a muscle that doesn't exist in some people's forearms.

Such muscle is of great importance in evolutionary terms, and you can take the test right now and find out if it is present in your body or not. Basically, you should turn your palms up and place your little finger on the thumb of each hand - this with your arm on a flat region, such as a table. Then raise your hand a little. If it's hard to understand, watch the exercise being done in the video below from minute 0:29.

Darwin laughed last

Darwin's theory of evolutionism, which basically defends the idea that species undergo changes as they evolve so that they adapt to the environment in which they live, can be substantiated by a structure that stands out - or not - protruding in the forearm region.

In numerical terms, it is known that up to 15% of people no longer have this muscle and, despite its lack, no body functioning is affected. It is believed that such muscle, which no longer exists in many people, is a trace inherited from our predecessors, who needed it to perform activities such as climbing trees.

The uselessness of the muscle is also the reason why it is often removed in surgical procedures for doctors to perform reconstitutions, aesthetic procedures and grafts on injured patients or some other health condition. The video above also features other traits that show species evolution - you can enable subtitles in YouTube settings.

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