This video will make you feel completely strange pleasure.

Can't you love the Japanese and the amazing things they can do? There is not. Intelligent, dedicated, and creative, the Rising Sun natives naturally surprise us with new technologies, new entertainment concepts, and, of course, new ways to handle everyday problems.

Youtuber Jun released a video two days ago, and the images have been viewed almost 4.5 million times. In them he tells the story of a traditional Japanese knife that, being rusty, sold for only $ 3.


Jun's goal was to keep the knife clean and make the salesman regret having charged so little for it - and well ... The result of this "joke" is to let any barbecued jaw drop.

First, Jun cautions when rubbing the knife and then takes a heavy time to sand the object, then give another sponge a good pass and return to the task of sharpening. After the service is over, Jun has a spectacular knife in hand and shows how she has cutting power - believe me: the images are incredibly satisfying, and you won't regret joining the millions who have already delighted in them. .


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