Student will auction off her virginity - starting bid is $ 400K

Auctioning or simply selling virginity is a practice that, frighteningly, has become increasingly common. Young people trade their first time for outrageous amounts of money, usually advertising the "business" over the internet. The bizarreness is such that even an inflatable doll has had its "virginity" auctioned off.

The latest girl to join the auction wave is a US medical student, Elizabeth Raine, who plans to raise about $ 400, 000 - more than $ 900, 000 - by selling the "service."


Image Source: Reproduction / ElizabethRaine

The student, who uses a fake name and does not show her face, has created a website to publicize her idea. On the page, some information about the girl: 27 years old, 1.78 m tall, 59 kg, blonde, green eyes. The site also has some pictures of Elizabeth in sexy clothes.

Plans include a 12-hour meeting with the auction winner. In addition, she says she will donate 35% of the money she receives to charities that promote education for women in developing countries.

She claims that selling her virginity does not bother her at all, arguing that it is a unique opportunity for growth and that the financial bonus is very good. “How could I deny this to myself just because of the divergent beliefs of others?” He asks.

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Image Source: Reproduction / ElizabethRaine

Asked how she would feel after the sale, she said in a statement published in Metro that she has no way of predicting how she will feel, but she knows how she will not feel: violated, degraded, or diminished in some way.

She does not intend to disclose her identity to the public and claims that only a few close friends know of her plans. The first bids may be bid from April 1st. So what do you think about this kind of attitude? Tell us in the comments.