Study says there is an ideal man for every phase of women

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When we stop to think and remember the men who have been through our lives, it is common for some of us to fail to understand why we are interested in such different and often incompatible people.

However, a new study released by The Daily Mail comes to prove that this variety is normal and that this is due to changes in women's taste over the years. This means that there is no perfect man, but an ideal partner for every phase of a woman's life.

Research by on LoveGeist - which polls people's behavior regarding dating and relationships - found that women's age directly influences their preferences toward men. Although we may think that young women tend to be the most demanding, the data show that over time, they choose their partners more carefully.

“It's natural that as a woman matures, her tastes adjust to her expectations. When they are younger, looks predominate because they look for someone with whom they can share their genes, but these 'shallow attributes' become less important as we look for new and deeper experiences as we get older, ”explains Dr. Cecilia D 'Felice, relationship psychologist.

Check out which men are ideal for women at different ages:

Between 18 and 24 years old

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According to the British newspaper news, young women are looking, above all, for a man they can show off to their friends. The researchers found that 47% of 18- to 24-year-old female respondents said they would seek a relationship with someone their friends approve.

In addition, women in this age group are most likely to look for a fit partner. Still, it is at this stage that music, movie and book preferences are most important.

“When we start dating, we have a teenage desire to join and belong to a group, so we seek approval from our friends to validate our choices. We are building our self-confidence at this stage and it is important for us to know that we are making the right choice, ”explains Dr. D'Felice.

Between 25 and 34 years old

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With career growth, women at this age tend to think about long-term relationships, but are still susceptible to handsome, attractive men, as looks are more important than ever. Sexual compatibility is another factor that weighs heavily at this stage of life.

Research has also revealed that ambition is an important trait for women at this age. Two thirds of them consider this kind of attitude fundamental in a man.

“With confidence and career advancement, partners at this same stage become attractive. And because they are young and sexy, it is normal to look for people who reflect this aspect. This reflection of ambition and sexuality builds the phase in which we are consolidating ourselves, working on who we are and what we want, ”says the expert.

Between 35 and 44 years old

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After reaching different goals in life, women between the ages of 35 and 44 seek stability. According to research, this makes them prefer to relate to older men. The figures show that 73% of respondents in this phase stated that they would like to meet a man who was five years older.

Good manners are absolutely necessary at this stage of life. Less than 1% of women said they would enter into a relationship with a man who did not know how to behave.

“After shifting priorities, we started thinking about commitments and family life. Men who have a stable, successful life and extensive experience become attractive to women of this age, providing the sources (both material and emotional) needed for a happy relationship, ”says Dr. D'Felice.

Between 45 and 54 years old

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At this stage, safety is the main concern of women. This makes 95% of them assume they are looking for a partner who makes them feel safe. As with other groups, finding a partner with a good salary is an important factor. Nevertheless, women in this age group are the least demanding.

Unlike previous groups, these women were more likely to relate to younger men. In numbers, 54% said they would like to meet someone five years younger.

“At this stage, women are full of confidence. With changes in hormone levels, they become more assertive, experiencing more and celebrating their wisdom. They are prepared to take risks and perhaps look for new adventures. They are not afraid to seek a passion, but they know that feeling safe is a vital ingredient for happiness, ”says the psychologist.

55 and over

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Research points out that in adulthood women tend to admire intelligence, values, and a sense of humor more. And even older, these women do not lower their standards, being the most demanding among all groups analyzed.

They also continue to value sexual compatibility: 45% of women over 55 said that sex is an important factor in building a relationship.

“These women start from the long-term view that commitments need good humor, intelligence, and common values ​​to stand the test of time. That means they will accept no less. Because they have been through different relationships, they know exactly what they want and, most importantly, what they don't want, ”concludes Dr. D'Felice.