Study indicates you can tell if a man is intelligent only by his face

Do you know when you see an unknown person and the first thing you think about is "hey, this guy looks dumb"? So know that maybe this kind of thinking is not just a matter of prejudice. According to a study recently published by PLoS One magazine, it is possible to identify someone's intelligence just by looking at their face - but this only applies to men's faces.

The research involved a group of 160 students of both sexes and consisted of analyzing photographs of the faces of 80 men and women. Participants should classify each image according to the attractiveness and supposed intelligence of the subjects. Led by Czech Karel Kleisner, researchers at Charles University in Prague then compared students' ratings with people's IQ scores in the photos.

The result was curious, as the students correctly identified the intelligence level of the photographed men, but did not get it right for women. Although results for male faces seem to indicate that smarter people have similar faces, the fact is that there is no significant relationship between overall face morphology and IQ.

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Seeking answers, the researchers drew sketches of the predominant traits in the types of faces that were identified as looking more or less "clever" than the others. Although visual intelligence patterns have been identified on male faces, Kleisner states that it is not the shape of men's faces that causes this effect.

Although the real motives are not yet clear to the researcher, he believes the result may relate to certain specific attributes, such as eyes, look, hair or skin. For now, scholars have only hypotheses that point out that such traits appear differently in women, or that they are simply judged more by their appearance than by their intellect.

To address these issues, Kleisner's team intends to conduct further studies in the area and make clearer conclusions in the future. And do you really think smart women are harder to identify? Do you find it easier to know if a man is dumb or smart? Leave your opinion in the comments.