Study proves that what we do drunk has to do with our sober side

Even if you don't drink, you may know the story of someone who took that bump and went out talking a lot of things that, after the end of the alcohol effect, ended up causing the good old regret.

From messages to past people to dancing at the nightclub counter, there are people who really do what they don't want when they drink too much. The question is, didn't I really want to? Does drinking bring out a hidden side of our personality, or is the person we are when drunk really the same as we are when sober?

A recent poll has done everything to end the apology of those people who, after a bump, say they didn't want to do anything. The truth is that, contrary to what we tend to imagine, our personality does not change when we drink.


It is a fact that drunk people behave differently, usually becoming more outgoing and outgoing, with less fear and shame. To find out if that “drunk, sober thought” story is true, the researchers relied on some volunteers, who were divided into two groups: those who received vodka-based Sprite drinks and those who didn't drink any alcohol.

After consuming the drink, people had to perform some activities while their performances were evaluated by a group of people they did not know.

Individuals who drank the drink with vodka became more outgoing than sober people, and observers rated their behavior based on five personality factors. What was also noted was that drunk people seemed less neurotic, but in the areas related to conscientiousness, openness and convenience, there was no difference between the groups.

Other considerations

Some factors about the research must be taken into account: participants were in an unfamiliar environment; the doses were measured with the intention of not getting too drunk; and the volunteers who drank alcohol were compared to other sober people, not their own sober versions.

The people who evaluated the personality factors did not know any of the participants, so it is worth noting that the notes in this regard cannot be taken fully into account, precisely because each person's personality is extremely complex.

What was evaluated, in fact, were the obvious changes in behavior that we are really able to notice even in people we do not know.


Researchers have made it clear that drastic behavioral changes, especially when the person becomes aggressive, indicate that the individual may be alcohol dependent or may have a personal or psychological problem. Reacting badly is therefore not natural.

The participants themselves also made a report of their states of consciousness regarding openness to relate to others and affability. According to the researchers, the biggest changes can even be felt by people when they drink internally and sometimes cannot be seen by those around them.

That is: while there is no difference between who you are sober and who you are when you drink, perhaps the biggest difference is only seen by you - unless there are pictures of your dance on the bar table. Then everyone can see it.


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