Former NY mayor was shot and only died 3 years later

Just over 100 years ago William Jay Gaynor, a mayor of New York City, starred in one of the strangest stories of all time, involving political attacks.

On August 9, 1910, aboard a voyage bound for Europe, Gaynor was taken aback by one of the ship's crewmen, James J. Gallagher, who simply approached the politician, drew a revolver and fired into the mayor's throat. .

The bullet lodged in the politician's neck and did not kill him. The moment of the attack was recorded by a photographer, also from New York, who was at the right time, at the right time, with a camera in hand.


Image Source: Reproduction / Smithsonianmag

Gaynor survived the gunshot wound to his neck, but the bullet remained lodged in his throat, which gradually made him lose his ability to speak. Still, Gaynor did not set politics aside, even when he did not get help from his own party in the 1913 campaign in which he would try to be reelected.

Without the support of the party and unable to make his own candidacy speech, Gaynor wrote his proposals and they were read by his secretary, and at the end of the reading he, in tears, managed to push all the corrupt wretches to the same dumpster.

After the moments of excitement, Gaynor decided to return to Europe to rest and get stronger. And it was during a trip with a similar itinerary to that fateful one when he had been shot three years ago that he died, thanks to a collapse caused by the bullet lodged in his throat. Coincidentally, his death occurred on mayoral election day.